Glasson Glamping farm

We are the sixth generation of Elliotts to farm the lands here at Tonagh House.

As a family run farm, we have always tried to farm commercially but in an environmentally sensitive manner.

This will become obvious the moment you enter our farm. Our fields are green and bountiful,home mostly to cattle. However our fields remain small and bounded by ecologically diverse sprawling hedgerows interspersed with mature oak. ash and sycamore trees.

These hedgerows provide safe wildlife corridors for the hares, rabbits, pheasants and many other species seen regularly in our fields.

Many visitors to our farm have commented on how peaceful and secluded our farmland is.

Having brought our own family Glamping a few times in recent years to their great enjoyment we decided to share our farms peace and tranquility for others to enjoy .

Also we feel our experience of visiting other Glamping sites has helped us provide facilities that are second to none.

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